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Your peaceful room in the city
Our theme is integrated with the nature, comfort, simple and unique.

Nepal Cottage Resort (NCR) stands in the heart of Kathmandu city, nestled within the vibrant area of Thamel that is constantly in high demand. It serves as the ideal choice for visitors seeking a tranquil and village-like encounter right in the midst of the city's premier tourist hub. Situated just a short stroll away from the bustling core of Thamel, this retreat provides a secluded and serene haven where guests can bask in the company of trees, birds, and flora.

Encompassing the essence of Nepali village architecture, Nepal Cottage Resort showcases a distinctive design with two-story buildings, evoking an ambiance that harmoniously blends simplicity, tranquility, and urban essence. The interior accommodations are thoughtfully modern, while maintaining a strong connection with nature as a central theme. The dedication to this theme is evident in the conscious effort to preserve a generous garden area, which features several decades-old fruit trees. These trees not only maximize the serenity of the environment but also offer a sense of solace to guests returning from the hectic pace of Kathmandu.

Each accommodation is well-appointed with essential modern amenities, ensuring that guests enjoy the comfort and luxury they rightfully deserve.

Our History

The journey of NCR commenced in April 2015, coinciding with the tragic earthquake that struck Kathmandu and various regions of Nepal. In response to this event, our team united to conceive earthquake-resistant structures, recognizing their paramount importance for the safety of our valued guests. Amidst the aftermath, NCR took form as a cluster of four two-story buildings situated in the heart of Kathmandu. This initiative was driven by our commitment to safeguard lives against potential future seismic events, considering Kathmandu's historical vulnerability to earthquakes.

We take immense pride in announcing that our establishment stands as the sole two-story hotel in Thamel to be meticulously crafted following an exhaustive analysis of diverse engineering structural assessments and measurements. This achievement is attributed to our post-earthquake construction approach, meticulously aligned with the updated construction regulations mandated by the Nepal government.

NCR Leadership

  • Matrika Prasad Rijal - President - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Contact: +977 9851048497

  • Baburaja Shrestha - Vice President - Chief Operating Officer (COO) | Contact: +977 9851048768

  • Kalyani Tara Tuladhar - Vice President - Accounting & Staff Management | Contact: +977 9851032530

  • Badri Singh Rai - Vice President - Inventary & Marketing | Contact: +977 9851051736

  • Reception - +977-1-5348039 / +977-9843805728 / +977-9828056107

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